The Rising Star

A Rising Star is an up-and-coming young gun with less than seven years of experience. He/she stands out among his/her peers as someone who is brilliant, whose personality shines and whose differences only make him/her and those around them stronger as they move forward in their career.

Rising Star Award Criteria

Rise Up:  How has the nominee gone above and beyond in his/her career?
E.g.: Accolades, awards and noteworthy accomplishments, unwavering commitment to progress and undeniable potential. 

Reach Back:  How has the nominee gone out of his/her way to help others?
E.g.: Active involvement in his/her company and/or industry. Concrete examples of outreach in the professional community. 

One honoree for each category will be announced at the 13th Annual ADCOLOR Awards on September 8, 2019.

Nominee Information

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