The Rockstar

A Rockstar is someone who, whether through their primary role or extracurricular activities, shows brilliance as a leader and visionary in the industry. He/she has a positive track record and the potential to accomplish so much more. Falling in between the Rising Star and the Legend, this individual is creating his or her own path and encouraging others to shine.

Rockstar Award Criteria

Rise Up & Reach Back:  How has the nominee gone above and beyond in his/her role to help others? E.g.: Proven track record of work focused on diversity and inclusion. Recognizable input and growing influence within his/her company and/or industry. Unbridled potential and commitment to creating change as he or she progresses in his/her career.

One honoree for each category will be announced at the 13th Annual ADCOLOR Awards on September 8, 2019.

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